Measles Commune

My number 1 job is to protect my child and I take this job very seriously.
Measles? Really? Alive and well in our communities, hospitals, airports and SCHOOLS. There are 19 states that do not require vaccinations. Do you think your safe?
No, people travel, babies can’t be immunized until their 12 months, chemo patients at higher risk along with AIDS and all other compromised people that cannot receive another vaccine.
At the risk of sounding harsh for this group of individuals that do not care about their children being protected nor their communities please find each other and bond.
Pool your money, buy your lot of land start a commune and stay away.


2015 will be the year I say and show my “thank you” more often. I need to take inventory of friends and family that are my foundation. The people ready with a prayer or helping hand.
We all need to be told and shown that we matter and have impacted a life in a positive spirit.
Happy 2015!

Realtors, There Has To Be. Special Place In……

Are realtors the new “used car salesperson” of recent times?
Six months of planning and visits a thousand plus miles away.
When my house goes quiet in the evening my 2nd job begins. Exploring the whys and why nots. Pool size, play rooms and a home office and the list goes on seemingly forever!

I would go to bed the the birds eye map of different neighborhoods. implanted in my head. Drift off after some serious obsession on how close we would be to the sweet smell of salt air.
So many hours weeding through listings, suggesting new listings, new areas, additional photos requested and we’re off on a very big adventure (again).

Three houses, yup three houses all the Prince of a realtor sets up. Baby in tow, husband with me and not traveling. My toddler explodes when we get him out in the first driveway. Mommy monorail!!!!!!!
What? No Honey that is the thundering sound our a major highway over our heads. Back in the car we go.

Check book in hand without a pen mark stroked. The intracoastal in our backyard with a shiny boat still dangling in our dreams.

Dear Realtor you know what the say. Something great happens you tell a few people some unprofessional you tell everyone!

Hey Adam your fired!


Farewell Summer You Gave Me Hope

In a time when most of us agree that our kids are overly plugged in I look around and I’m quietly and happily amazed.

Flurries of colored flip flops, sandwiches being pulled out of a cooler packed with melon and grapes while two young friends sit stringing bracelets on a picnic table.

Beach towels laid out on the grass with playing cards soggy from sunscreen. Balls scattered and being kicked by siblings back and forth until small teams have formed.
Kids smiling, talking and eating handfuls of pretzels.
Kids returning from their first ride down the “big” water slide winded but able to share a second by second report.

Sand shovels and pails being carried around by toddlers when a grain of sand does not exist for miles. Floppy hats and the ability to walk and carry stuff at the same time!

I hate to officially say farewell to summer but watching life through a small community pool gave me great hope in the the children that we call our own.
They still want to laugh, play, make a new friend and conquer the big pool! We just have to open the door, be available and watch the magic of childhood happen.

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Perfect Joy

For years my heart burned from a growing hole. I reached and failed so many times to do the simple things in life with a child, my child.
It seemed like everywhere I turned people were living my dream and not giving it the slightest bit of thought. No idea of the blessings that had been bestowed upon them.

Something as simple as being together today leaves such an imprint on my soul it is astonishing. My heart is stretched with the love I have for my precious boy.
We didn’t have a care in the world, just having fun and making new memories. We stood behind curtains and watched cartoons.
My son not knowing who was on the other side. Just knowing who was holding his hand.
The curtain opened~

He ran into Mickey’s arms and squeezed him again and again. He sang out his name and everyone just stopped and watched.
This tiny toddler laughing, chatting and smiling.
Mickey went down on one knee and my baby’s words and Mickey’s body language were perfectly orchestrated. Friends forever.

My heart so completely full with joy and gratitude. What an amazing day!